JoAnne Hunot
Lost and Found Angel
Storytellerkeys are part of Joann's  vintage
creations using keys, watch parts & crystals.
It's fun to wear a piece of history and tell the
story. Vintage angels that guide and protect
are perfect symbols for personal journeys.

Combining stones, shells and vintage structures, Christi evolved
an award winning beach glass collection into everyday wearable
giftable treasures. One-of-a-kind pieces coming in waves of

Ashala Tylor
Move through images of Central Coast, hidden
and exotic places that only raw nature can take us
to. Prints, cards and enhanced photography.
Gifts, Gallery & Center for Healing             

Hours: Monday through Saturday 10:00-6:00 p.m., Sunday 10:00-4:00 p.m.
1319 Park Street, Paso Robles (805) 238-4413.
Polly Carroll Card
Amidst mixed-media with fiber, watercolor and oils is an
organic experience. Polly's paintings, cards and wall
hangings bring the living world into chards of the past.
Themes  of rushing rivers, tall mountains, seeds twigs,
moss welcome the textures of nature.
Christi Groom
Beachqueen Designs

Rosi Lusardi - Sun Myth Studio

Talent and skill with whimsy and
transluscence....Rosi's craft capturing the
light during this Winter taking elements like
fused glass, driftwood, metal, beads and
odd recycled "stuff" and with talent and skill
emanates whimsy and translucence. Enjoy
jewelry and decor pieces collections or find
personalized gifts that will radiate gardens
and sparkle in corners of your home.

Anne Lewis - Purple Door Pottery

Focus and passion for this ceramic artist
who provides functional pottery such as
bowls, mugs, plates & platters, teapots &
tea cups, casseroles, and wine chillers &
coasters. The glazes are signature of her
work and lovely to use every day.

Art Cards
Inspirational Photography-Prose Book